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Domestic Build Services

New Builds

Wrencon Ltd have been creating dream homes for over 30 years.  We have worked with our customers to deliver their vision from the design stage right through to completion.  Being involved early in the project gives us the opportunity to help you achieve the best home at the most economical cost possible.  Please contact us to discuss your perfect house.



We love a good project!  Did you know before we were general builders we specialised in damp cure and renovation?  We have seen (and fixed) it all, from 200 year old cottages to mid century terraces.  Sometimes the most amazing spaces come from lovingly restoring a piece of history and giving it a new lease of life for your family to enjoy.

Barn Conversion

A recent barn we converted came with the instruction "reinstate walls where excessively licked by cows".  If that doesn't tell you how far we will go to save a building and reincarnate it as a new home, nothing will!  We love to reuse existing features to give you a beautiful character home, for example in the barn conversion pictured the vertical divider bars are from the stalls used to separate the dairy cows, now being used to seprate the living and cooking areas, while allowing natural light to fill to the space.

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